Monday, 11 July 2011

Sketchbook reveries

Here are some more random meanderings from my doodle-pad sketchbook.

As I've previously mentioned, I tend to sketch and doodle when I'm on the train. However following my move to Norwich the occasions for making train journeys have decreased drastically, opportunities for doodling reveries have hence become rarer.

When I'm in the studio I turn my thoughts mainly towards work and deadlines, in particular when my daughter returns home from school sketches are especially far from my thoughts. However this is a historical and creative city, there are numerous interesting cafes in the Norwich Lanes area and parts of the old town. if I can get into town I often drop into one of these cafe's for lunch with my sketchbook and story ideas note-book, plant myself in a corner and scribble away over a latte and sandwich.

Recently although I'm pretty tied up with deadlines right now, even if I stay in the studio at lunchtime, rather than hunch over a laptop I try to use the time to doodle for a short while.

Nomatter how busy I am with commissioned work, finding just a little time every day to draw freely is important therapy for the mind and imagination.
 More to come....

Sunday, 3 July 2011

JTB Ad Campaign

Japan's biggest tourist company JTB (Japan Tourist Bureau) has just released a promotion campaign featuring this illustration. Starting from 1st July the image is being displayed in posters and other print media in JTB outlets across Japan.

JTB poster. AD: Trout (Koichi Hara), Producer: JTB (Jun Hatsuumi)
It was a memorable job in more ways than one, as I began on the final artwork just as news of the Tohoku earthquake reached us. As I drew cheerful smiling faces for the illustration I watched with horror as shocking and distressing events unfolded in Japan. The tragic irony of this was profoundly saddening, it was a very tough illustration to finish.

Nevertheless having completed the poster and with it's release across Japan, for me personally the image has become a symbol of strength and optimism. In addition to the original concept of a "world of JTB travel" for me it also represents the stoic determination of the Japanese nation. This cheerful image helps to show that across the world people are behind Japan and stand together in unison and support.

Ganbare Nippon!