Monday, 28 May 2007

Back from Manila

I just got back from the Philippines last night after running a one-day presentation and workshop, and already I see the organizers have uploaded some images from the day here. I didn't have chance to take any snapshots myself (of course not, I was the speaker!), but I'll give a run-down of the trip in my next post. I'll just say for now that the organizers did a fantastic job, both SCBWI Manila and the British Council, my sincere gratitude goes out to them.

Phew, tsukareta~!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Manila Workshop

Tomorrow I'm off to the Philippines to host a presentation and workshop in Manila for SCBWI. Surprising to say, although I've overseen many such events given by other writers and artists here in Tokyo, I've never actually guested at one myself before. Prior to this the longest I've ever spoken for was 15 minutes in Paris a few years ago, as I've never run school visits either, this will be for all intensive purposes a debut speaking engagement (in English at least). I've spoken in Japanese before in casual critique classes I've run at art schools in Tokyo, which was a hell of a lot easier to contend with. Somehow speaking in a foriegn language buffers you from the nerves of your own native tongue, giving a presentation to English speakers is a lot more nerve-wracking.

Nevertheless this Manila workshop has encouraged me to think about my work processes, and I'm hoping to reuse the presentations in future events. I've never used Powerpoint before, I opened it up for the first time to put together two slide shows, one on the artists that have inspired me from Hogarth to Errol Le Cain, the second on my own work. I thought I'd be able to pull something together within a few days - in fact with the scanning of artwork and research involved it's taken me three weeks, for two 1.5 hour talks and a 2-hour workshop.

I just hope I don't turn into a jibbering jelly on the day.

Charlie Bone interiors

Here's a few interior drawings from Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors (Japanese title: Umi ni Kirameku Kagami no Shiro). It's just been released in Japan now.

Monday, 7 May 2007

New Charlie Bone book

I recently finished illustrating Volume 4 of Jenny Nimmo's Charlie Bone series for it's Japanese edition. "Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors" should be out on the streets of Japan very shortly.

Like the previous volumes it has around 30 black and white drawings to accompany the text, plus character studies and colour cover. Here's a sneak preview of the cover artwork.